Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lesson 1:Introduction To Information And Communication Technology(ICT)

Evolution Of Communication
-In the 21st century,everything related to communication utilizes technology to'send
out' or disseminate information to a wider audience.
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-ICT is the technology required for information processing,in particular,the use of elctronic computers,communication devices and software applications to convert,store,protect,process,transmit and retrieve information from anywhere,anytime.

-Information refers to the knowlegde obtained from reading,investigation,study or research.
-The tools to transmit information are telephone,television and radio.
-We need information to make decisions and to predict the future.

-Communication is an act of transmitting messages.We use Internet,e-mail or video conferencing to communicate with another people around the world.
-Communication is important in order to gain knowledge.

-Technology is the use of scientific knowledge,experience and resources to create processes and products that fulfill human needs.

Aiding Communication
-Telephone and fax machines are the devices used in extending communication.

Spreading Information
-To broadcast information such as news or weather reports effectively.Radio,television,satellites and the World Wide Web(www) are powerful tools that can be used.

Technology Timeline

* 3500 BC-the Sumerians developed cunieform writing
* 1500 BC-the Phoenicians developed the alphabet
* 105 BC-Tsai Lun of China invented paper
* 1454-first printing machine
* 1793-telegraph
* 1876-first telephone
* 1925-television
* 1941-computer
* 1958-photocopier machine
* 1963-communication satellite
* 1969-first Internet(ARPANET)